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Car seat Cushion function
- May 21, 2018 -

   Car Seat Cushion are the main consumer goods of car owners. It is particularly important to choose a comfortable and practical car seat according to the season. Nowadays, there are leather cushions, microfiber leather, artificial leather, nylon, chemical fiber, artificial wool, polyester wool, and other materials with different materials.

Car seats Car Seat Cushion refers to the seat cushions of the two front seats and the seat cushions of the rear long row seats. The five-piece set adds three backs to the front seats. The eight-piece set is based on a five-piece set with the backrest of the rear seats. The nine-piece suit refers to two front rows, two back row backrests, one long seat cushion, two headrests, and two lumbar pillows! Of course, the more pieces, the more expensive the price.

First, provide a comfortable ride

Experienced drivers all know that proper sitting posture and good sitting sensibility are important prerequisites for safe driving, and also an effective means to ease driving fatigue. Installing a suitable seat cover or laying a seat cushion has a significant effect on enhancing the sitting comfort and increasing comfort.

Second, protect the seat

The seat fabrics of most models are sewn and cannot be removed or washed. Once insulted, it is difficult to clean the seat thoroughly even in the professional interior cleaning of a car beauty shop. Therefore, installing a seat cover or laying a seat cushion becomes the most convenient way to protect the seat.