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Classification of car sunshades one
- May 17, 2018 -

  The sun visor is installed on the driver's board to prevent sunlight from glare. It can be turned over when not in use. The material is plastic, EPP, PU foam, cardboard, etc. It can be divided into front and side. Block and rear block three.

With the continuous improvement of customer's requirements for sun visors, materials: plastics, EPP, PU foam, cardboard, etc., multi-functional sun visors, with lamps, mirrored. Traditional visors have been unable to meet the needs of customers. Although the traditional car sun visor can block sunlight, it occupies most of the driver's field of vision. With the development of science and technology, there has been a car LCD visor, which can block the sun's irradiation, but can not block the line of sight.

The sun visor of the car can be divided into three types according to position: front block, side block and rear block.

Front sun shade

Its variety is not too much, there are generally two kinds of aluminum foil and non-woven fabrics. Aluminum foil is generally divided into ordinary "light board" type and pattern type, the size is generally 60 * 130cm, suitable for most small cars. In hot weather, the aluminum foil can be turned outwards to ensure the reflection of sunlight. It is best to use a suction cup if you choose to buy a sun screen. Do not buy a "light board" type or an excessively inexpensive front screen, which is easy to fall off.