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Classification of car sunshades two
- May 18, 2018 -

Side shading

The sunshine coming in from the side windows in summer is still very good. Paste the general film effect is not very good, still tan skin hot. Here we compare several side shades.

A. Ordinary gauze-type side sunshade: This type of sunshade generally has two suction cups, or a suction cup in the middle. The advantage is that the removal is more convenient, but the problem is that when the windows are to be shaken, it may be Will suck off the suction cup, especially the kind of side shade that only two suction cups, it is easy to fall.

B. Electrostatic side-shielding screen: Electrostatic side-shielding is better than gauze type. The unique mesh hollow translucent design will not make people feel bored and closed. When sticking, it is best to stick the bottom edge of the window to about 5cm in the window slit so that there will be no situation where the static electricity is curled up when the glass is shaken. When not in use, pull the electrostatic sticker straight down, rinse it with clean water, and roll it up with smooth paper. You can reuse it later.

Rear sun shade

It is generally prepared for passengers who ride in. Some high-end vehicles are equipped with rear sunshades. They are retractable and generally black mesh. This type of sunshade is effective and beautiful and convenient. It is the best rear sunshade. block. For the original car without rear sunshade, only one of them is allocated.