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Effect of changing seasons on the replacement of car foot mat
- Jan 20, 2018 -

Autumn and winter come, we add in their own thick clothes, how to cushion the car, cushion make a big update?

As a kind of practical automobile supplies, automobile foot mat has played a very important role in the protection of vehicle health. With the arrival of autumn and winter season, the face of a wide range of foot pads, many car owners in the purchase and use, feel very confused. Some owners only care about the beauty of the foot mat, often ignoring its safety, how to choose a practical and safe products?

We will choose the autumn and winter season car foot pad simple induction into three steps:

First, the size of the car foot cushion and its own car is appropriate; second, to see the thickness of the foot pads, thick although comfortable, but often the most dangerous, change the feet should carefully check the accelerator, brake and clutch pedal, respectively, to see if they can in the end; third, to see the material of the foot mat, not easy to wear, Easy to clean the foot mat is the best, and finally to see whether the new foot pads have no locating holes, some cars on the floor will be equipped with the positioning of the foot pad buckle.

The limited space in the car is the easiest place to breed bacteria, so in the purchase of car mats, you need to consider an easy to clean the foot mat. Plush foot pads look upscale, but also add to the car romantic, warm feeling, the only drawback is difficult to clean. Especially in the rainy season, this kind of foot mat is not very practical, it is easy to nourish bacteria. So it is more suitable for the northern owners who are not often raining.

In the winter some good car foot mat brand also play the role of insulation. High-strength wear resistance is of little significance in the actual use of the vehicle. and thick car foot pads are mostly heavier, in the absence of power to improve the situation, increase the overall weight of vehicles will lead to vehicles than with lightweight car mats more fuel consumption.