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The function of car foot mat
- Jan 20, 2018 -

Car Mat is a collection of water absorption, dust, decontamination, sound insulation, protect the host blanket five main functions of a green car interior parts. Car mats belong to the interior decorations, to protect the car outside the clean, play the role of beautiful and comfortable embellishment.

Car cushion suction, dust, decontamination can effectively prevent the soles of moisture, dirt caused by the clutch, brake and throttle between the sliding, to avoid security risks, reduce the interior is contaminated and damage the possibility of cleaning the foot mat than cleaning the interior more convenient and more economical.

Thick substrates can prevent chassis noise and tyre noise and improve driving comfort. Suede-like car mats can also be the remaining noise and car acoustic echo, such as thorough adsorption clean, protect hearing from damage.

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