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The rear shade of the car
- Jan 20, 2018 -

After the sun-visor is generally for the guests to prepare, some high-end vehicles are original configuration of the rear shade, for telescopic, generally black mesh, this kind of sunshade effect is good and beautiful and convenient, is the best rear shade block. For the original car without shade, only one with their own. There are few monochrome on the market now, most of them are cartoons. When purchasing such products, you should pay attention to the size of the product and other relevant information in order to purchase according to the actual conditions of your vehicle. If the vehicle rear window is relatively small, it is best to choose the sucker is triangular arrangement, this fixed position is small, other such as four point fixed sucker type occupies a large position. There is also a cheaper price, but no suction cups.

In the purchase of such products, we must first understand the size of the rear window of the car, to see if it is appropriate, or even though the purchase of a bargain, if the use of inappropriate or not to paste, regret can be troublesome, return or replacement is an expensive and annoying thing.