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The role of steering wheel cover leather one
- May 19, 2018 -

     Steering wheel cover refers to the sleeve on the steering wheel. The steering wheel cover has a strong security, is more wearable, full of gentlemen's style, feels comfortable, and elegant in design. Boutique series, workmanship and design are first-rate, is absolutely super car equipment. Upgrade your car life.

For the car owners, installing a soft steering wheel cover is very practical. Its function is as follows:

To protect the steering wheel from wear and tear;

Increase the feel and friction;

Prevents sweating and slipping of hands

Improve the responsiveness and safety of the car when driving;

Reduce shock absorption.

According to the survey, very few drivers know that the steering wheel has a shock absorption effect. Because the steering wheel itself is too hard, the conditions of the vehicle have no way of unexpected rough road sections. Each driver's steering wheel will shake violently, stimulating the heart. Some products have special internal materials - EVA elastomers, such as tires, effective cushioning between automotive springs, reducing shock shock.