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The role of steering wheel cover leather two
- May 20, 2018 -

 In addition, the steering wheel cover to protect the role of the steering wheel is easy to take apart and wash, which will help improve the health and standard of living of the car. In the entire driving car, hand and steering wheel contact is of course the most frequent, many results of dirt and breeding many bacteria. According to incomplete statistics from the health department, tens of millions of bacteria are adsorbed on the steering wheel. If you want to remove these bacteria that are usually only sterilized by ultraviolet light, UV disinfection is generally not a fundamental effect. However, the pain from the steering wheel fixed in the vehicle, the inconvenience of disinfection. Although the activities of the steering wheel cover are easier to carry out daily cleaning owners.

Pay attention to the healthy life of the car. With the high-quality steering wheel cover, you can not only see the products with safety features, but also improve the cover for the steering wheel. Nowadays, with the improvement of market segmentation and consumer demand, the steering wheel cover has become an independent industry. With continuous improvement of design and production technology, products are more attractive and more humane.