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Whether the car foot cushion will affect driving safety
- Jan 20, 2018 -

Car foot cushion skid is easy to cause the pedal can not be accurately controlled, causing the car out of control, so it is important to install the car bag foot pads.
Car Mats The selection method:
First, look at the thickness of car foot pads.
In the market, the thickness of the foot pad is generally 2MM, 5MM, 7MM, 1CM, thickness is generally thicker and more durable, thicker and more expensive, but not to say the thicker the better, the key is to fit your car, the car foot pads too thick affect the clutch, brake, throttle, safety is the most basic, so put up after must try, See if it will cause traffic inconvenience.
Second, look at the car foot cushion weight.
The foot mat is not necessarily the heavier the better, mainly looks at the material, the material difference, the weight also is different, moreover the abrasion resistance and each characteristic function are not the same, such as the PVC is very heavy, at present the general weight between 2kg~3kg.
Third, look at the car foot mat anti-skid effect.
Anti-skid is the most important part of car mats.