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Cleaning Tips For Car Mats
- Jan 20, 2018 -

The foot mat does not put completely in the water soaks to scrub, on the one hand will destroy the foot mat inside several layers different material adhesion, on the other hand will make the foot mat in very long time cannot dry thoroughly and affects the use effect to cause the car to be wet. For plush, linen material of the foot pad, you can use the brush head of the vacuum cleaner processing, can make the dirty foot mat looks not so dirty. For more dirty mats, you can only use special detergent. Usually in the use of detergent before the above two dust removal work, and then spraying the right amount of detergent, with a brush scrub clean, and finally with a clean cloth to remove the excess detergent.

Ordinary PV material Anti-skid foot mat relatively easy to clean, cleaning the car, water rinse on it.