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Determination Method Of Car Foot Mat
- Jan 20, 2018 -

Imitate the original car foot cushion tailoring method.
This method is only limited to the use of the original car foot pad under the appropriate conditions (in the same way as the original car foot pad around the wider 1~2 centimeter effect better) directly put the original car mat on the An Chengti Wath foot pad with strokes out, note that the original car pads and all turn from the back to cut, so that the trimmed edge will be more neat and good-looking. At the same time can also use the most material way to arrange the board, to avoid waste to save costs.

Tailor tailored tailoring method.
This can be done with Kraft paper or newspaper, and then by the size of the driving and rear seats to ensure the best results.

1. The driving position needs to pay attention to is the size, if the size is not suitable will leave the gap to cause the foot cushion displacement, needs the newspaper to be full, then uses the fountain pen to draw along the corner.

2, draw a good outline, cut off the cardboard (slightly wider than 0.5 cm effect best).

3. The position of the copilot more attention is beautiful, suggest in playing the board when according to the appropriate proportion draw a line, pay special attention to is upper right corner, because angle is different, in order to avoid angle too high cause foot mat curl, can leave a certain blank.

4. After the cut and then put to the car to compare size (so as to ensure more standard cutting effect).

5. The back seat is also a need to pay attention to the beauty of the place, the back seat of the foot pad tailoring method can be divided into conjoined and split, the newspaper to the rear seats, along the back of the contour draw lines.

6. Sub-body: after the plate, according to the least materials, after the back of the foot pad, with a brush to draw the pattern.

7. Conjoined: The 3 pieces of cardboard in the back row are glued together. Then put the back row of the template on the mat, follow the model with a brush to draw the pattern.

Note: Here should be noted: Because the playing board is the front plate, in the pad when typesetting need to play a good newspaper (Kraft paper) flip over and then paint with a brush outline, to avoid unnecessary loss.

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