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How To Install Car Cushion
- Jan 20, 2018 -

Car cushion has been gradually accepted by the vast number of owners and use, on the one hand it can be a good seat protection, but also convenient cleaning and care. But for oneself want to personally install cushion owner, how to install car cushion, below to introduce you.

Vehicle Front Seat Cushion installation method: Car front seat cushion has a hat head hood, directly put the car seat cushion down on the good, and then in the car seat cushion with one or two buttons, you can directly put the car seat cushion card buckle hand into the seat of the gap, so that the car seat cushion will not move forward. Then you put the paved car seat in front of the two small hook-and-loop hook into the seat under the iron bars. Some do not have a small tongue hook but with an elastic buckle, then you have to pull the buckle through the middle of the seat through one of the buckle and through the back of the seat through the lock and the other end of the clip locked. The front seat is installed, and the other driver is installed as well.