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In These Cases, Car Mats Need To Be Cleaned
- Jan 20, 2018 -

In the course of car use, the internal health of the car is very important, clean car environment can reduce the bacteria in the car breeding and odor generation, and the car mat is the most easily dirty place, it is very important to clean treatment.

The following five kinds of conditions need to be cleaned in time:

1. Ketchup, lipstick
If you eat potato chips on your car and accidentally pour ketchup on your mat, or lipstick color printing things accidentally left on the mat, you can use cold water cloth to wipe, or with foam cleaning agent, soap and hot water must not be used, will make the worse, soap and hot water can not be used to clean coke and other food left stains, That will often leave stains there, can not clean the point, can only use a cold cloth, and then wash with washing liquid.

2. Blood
If there's blood on the foot mat, do not use hot water or soap to clean up, this is because the blood when the soap is very easy to react and coagulation, encounter hot water is so, when this situation, you can use ammonia for cleaning, after a dip with a cold water cloth wipe clean.

3. Urine
If a kid accidentally pees in a car, urine in the foot mat, do not panic, you can first use hot soapy water soaked cloth wipe, and then use 1:1 of ammonia and cold water solution will be wet cloth soaked in the urine of the place, after a few minutes to remove the rag, and then wipe with a damp cloth.

4. Soup
Many people like to buy soup breakfast and other food on the car to eat, unavoidably splash some Tom water in the seat and other places, then you can use vinegar water to clean, and then wipe with a damp cloth clean, will soon be able to restore the original appearance.

5. Vomit
Finally, one of the things that everyone hates is handling vomit, people who get carsick, vomit you a car is vomit, at this time the most boring, this situation, with a paper towel to dry up the vomit, and then clear vomit, and then use a bubble over warm soap cloth wipe, and then use soda to wet the cloth, wipe clean.