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Reliable Car Mats
- Jan 20, 2018 -

What's the new car to buy? Let's say one today, car mats.
The main role of the foot pad is to keep the car clean, protect the original car carpet, there is waterproof. If there is no cushion protection, it is very annoying.
The choice of foot pads is first to ensure safety:
Non-slip must be better, otherwise the foot pad at the foot running around the driving feeling too bad. And if the foot mat slides to the accelerator or under the brakes there will be a security risk.
The second is thick moderate, many small partners will have some misunderstanding, think that the thicker the foot pad better, even more than using a foot mat, thinking that this is in the protection of vehicles, in fact, this is a very serious misunderstanding. Too thick pads will affect the operation of the pedal, the driving experience has a bad effect. Most importantly, there is a risk that the brakes will not be in the end.
So the choice of foot pads should be as thin as possible under the premise of ensuring safety and comfort.
In addition, it is necessary to consider practical and convenient.
Mainly include whether it is convenient to clean, foot feeling comfortable, whether waterproof, material is environmental protection and so on.