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Suggestions For The Purchase Of Car Cushion
- Jan 20, 2018 -

First, the choice of car cushion, the most important is the grasp of comfort, of which there is a health airbag (non-car health airbag is a supporting part of the waist-back inflation) for the best, this material cushion of the health airbag will be based on your body automatically adjust the position for the owner to provide a comfortable driving environment, Let the owner get rid of the pain of the waist acid back pain caused by driving;

Second, the choice of car cushion, we must pay attention to its friction, many people have encountered the emergency brake, the body from the cushion out of the experience, this is because of the purchase of car cushion friction caused by insufficient, so everyone in the choice of car cushion, we must choose to have enough friction brand, to avoid the body sliding, This is the need to ensure the safety of travel;

Third, buy car cushion, but also pay attention to the cushion and car matching degree, good horse with good saddle, good car to have good seat, not suitable car cushion not only affect the overall impression of the vehicle, but also reflects the owner of the taste, who do not want to be known as "rustic", Experts give advice: the overall color of the car seat selection and the entire interior color keynote, in the focus on the owner's preferences, as far as possible to achieve harmony and collocation.

Four, first of all, to find a good shop. Do not look at the rate of praise, but to see the inside of him in the detailed content, so as to judge the shopkeeper is what kind of person. Will not deal with after-sale problems, will not be responsible for their own mistakes, the problem will not take the initiative to solve.

Finally, look at the baby description. Details of the picture Ah, the shopkeeper said Ah, must look carefully. Because the general applicability of car cushion around 95%, there are some differences. There are also some other small details that need attention, will be shown in the baby description, this if not look carefully, easy to suffer.