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The Use Mistake Of Car Foot Mat
- Jan 20, 2018 -

1. Do not clean car mats.
Car foot pad in the completion of the "water absorption, dust absorption" role at the same time, their own exposure to the pollution should be cleaned as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause bacterial reproduction, affecting air quality and owner health. Especially the lap mat, inside the booty and dust will only accumulate more, not easy to clean.

Wash car Shop simple water flushing can not completely remove the hidden dirt in the car's foot mat, the car foot mat cleaning work should be handled by the dry cleaners or hand-washing.

2. A set of foot pads used for many years.
After the continuous use of any article, even if the appearance is still intact also does not necessarily have the function of design, conditional owners can buy 2 sets of car mats, use in turn, prolong the service life of products, save economic expenses.

3. Natural, no taste is environmental protection.
Modern almost all products have been synthesized, whether the environmental protection of the product should be issued by the professional body of the test certificate to identify, recommend the purchase of products to choose Professional, strong, good reputation of enterprises.